The smartly dressed man, who was wearing a grey suit, ordered his so called ‘minions’ into the brightly lit room with a huge table in the middle. The table was in fact a scale model of all the islands Within a 200 mile radius. “Jeeves get me my glasses” shouted the man. “Yes sir” Jeeves […]

In the beginning of extract b Dickens gives me a eerie feeling because he made time go really slow by describing the clock. But then all of a sudden the speed picks up when there is a flash of light, I see this when dickens says “light flashed up a room in an instant.” I […]

In the Christmas carol book scrooge is the main character. In my eyes i see scrooge as a very bitter and heartless person. I often compare scrooge to a witch, this os because in the old times witches were hated where they live. But in this circumstance they have to respect scrooge because hes the […]

Even though everyone knows Christmas falls on the same year, I mean come on a year is 365 days it’s not hard. I believe that it feels like Christmas comes earlier every year even though it does not. As we get older Christmas is no different to any other day. As a child Christmas is […]

Over the weekend I watched San Andreas the film that stars the Rock. In my opinion I found the film very good and was edited very well. The film is about one of the world strongest earthquake occurs on the San Andreas fault line. The Rock is a fireman who is divorced to his wife […]

norm is a 13 year old boy who was caught peeing in his dads wardrobe

Hi sir, Because of the power cut we didn’t have period 2 so did you want me to do anything thanks

Hi Mr Waugh, I just wanted to know if  there was anything you wanted to do as I am not at school

“ww3 the worst fight of my life” The oil spitting mechanical ravens swooped and squawked at the helpless soldiers, and played with them like toys. Tall skyscrapers  were clouded by  the burning wood. The empty rusty train pulled into his last stop the fear on its face. The livid and evil monsters lurked under the […]

The ecology of the world would  collapse unless the citizens read the warning signs. The ecology of the world wouldn’t collapse without the thames drying out. Until the citizen noticed the warning signs the ecology of world would collapse.